The Recreational Vehicle Cover – 11 RV Cover Insights

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By Jerry Siegel

A RV Cover keeps your RV looking sharp. While the other guy is busy washing his RV, you are heading for the playground to enjoy yours. Here is what to look for, materials, and care.

RV Covers for Class A

Please, do not just buy a tarp and toss it on your RV. Not only do they have exposed metal grommets and bungee hooks that will scratch; they also trap heat and moisture. Adding insult to injury the tarp is itself abrasive to the finish on your RV. Getting in and out of a tarp covered RV is a real pain. And be considerate, after all, your neighbor probably thinks a blue/grey tarp looks like crap. Get the real thing, you will not regret it.

Features to Look For:

Breathability: The fabric must breath! A free exchange of inside and outside air will prevent ugly things from happening. Escalating heat can be reduced by opening vents under the breathable cover. Without breathing trapped humidity and moisture will lead to mold and mildew, possible rot in the walls, and odors. These are all problems a good RV Cover can avoid.

Water Repellant Rv Cover

Water Repellant: A pet peeve of many RVers is water. Stains and infamous black streaks are its calling card. A good water repellent cover acts a lot like Gortex ®; it sheds water and allows trapped water vapor to escape.

Finish and Paint Friendly: When the wind blows (and it will) an abrasive cover will damage the finish of both painted and unpainted surfaces. The villains here are two fold the fabric, and the fasteners. Look for non-abrasive fabrics such as Block-It®, PolyPro III Fabric ®, Sunbrella® and SFS Aqua-Shed®. Fasteners must be plastic/nylon, protected metal or not in contact with the finish of the RV.

UV Protection: If the fabric is to survive the extreme abuse of the sun, it must have a lofty UV Rating. A cheap, unprotected fabric will meet its demise in short order under the relentless sun.

UV Safe RV Cover

Construction: Wind and nasty weather can wreak havoc with a poorly made cover. Reinforced wear points, double stitching, and load dispersing straps can add years to the life of your Toy Hauler Cover.

Access When Covered: Without a doubt you will need to get into your RV when the cover is on. Zippered panels offer easy access. Remember that only Toy Hauler specific Covers will offer a ramp panel to load and unload your toys without removing the cover.

Warranty: These can range from 2 to 6 years. The biggest factor in warranty length is the quality of the fabric. You get what you pay for.

Care and use of your RV Cover:

Protect it: Before installing a cover give your RV the once over for any sharp or pointed things that can damage the cover fabric. You can protect these areas with extra padding. Pointed areas could be covered with a slotted tennis ball.

Clean it: A clean and dry RV is a happy RV. Pay special attention to any debris that might cause abrasion when the cover moves in the wind.

Secure it: The cover should move as little as possible once installed, this does not mean a snug fit, which will limit moisture from escaping. Use all available securing points on the cover.

Secure RV Cover

Dry it: The cover must be thoroughly dried before storing it. Remember all of the ugly things that can happen when moisture is trapped in the RV? Those same issues apply to the cover. You must protect you investment in the cover; Dry IT!

Clean it 2: A clean cover is a long lasting cover. Clean it occasionally with light dish soap. Avoid using brushes on the fabric as these will damage its UV, water repellency, and breathability qualities. And will most certainly lay waste to your warranty.

You have a major investment in your RV. Protecting it with an RV cover is not only wise but a time saver. Time saved by not having to wash it as often or repairing the roof or seams, is time saved for the more important things. Like RVing!

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